Red White and Blue Bridge

We were told about this location by locals, and we don’t know the safety of swimming here. They told us people jump off the bridge into the stream. This is at the end of a dirt road, and it is unclear if it is private or not.  There is a trail sign with a map […]

Peach Orchard Point

We were told about this location by locals, and it is clearly a popular swimming hole, but we don’t know the status of this land.  There is a very small grass area that people park in, but it is easy to miss, so drive slowly.  From the parking area there is a well worn trail […]

Otter Falls

There is a parking area after you cross the bridge on Rte. 47. From the parking area there is a path that leads you straight to the falls. The cascade is about 25 ft. high, and flows into multiple pools, with the largest at the bottom being about the size of a swimming pool.  We […]

Millstream, Woodstock

UPDATE 05/19: This Swimming hole is on private property and has officially been closed to the public. Unfortunately, the crowds and trash have forced the closure of this gorgeous swimming spot. This is a reminder to please never leave trash, and if possible, help collect trash that you do see, and please always be kind […]

Little Deep, Woodstock

From NY-212, turn onto W Hurley-Zena Rd for about .3 miles, and you’ll see a parking area on your right.  The trail to Little Deep in just north of the river as you follow it upstream (the path is very obvious). The actual Little Deep is just a few minutes from the parking area. It’s a […]

Big Deep, Woodstock

This is a popular swimming area, with a pretty jade lagoon surrounded by forest.  The parking area is just a road side pull off, and Casablanca Lane is very close to it, so you can keep an eye out for that.  Once you park, you follow a well worn trail down to the water. There […]

Flat Rock Ithaca

The entrance to this area is on Forest Home Drive, and there are two dirt parking areas directly across from the arboretum if you leave by taking Arbor Road. This area is shallow with lots of flat rocks, and reportedly popular on hot days to lie on the rocks. Not really swimming as much as […]

Point Rock

This is a popular fishing spot, and a reported swimming hole, though there were no swimmers present during our visit.  It is on Route 67, though this part of the road is variously called Yorkland Road, or Sheehan Road. There is a spot under the bridge that has really deep water, but if you go […]

Talcottville Falls, Sugar River Falls

To find this location keep your eye out for a bridge on Route 12D, and the path to the fall is between the bridge and Domser Road.  There is a short, steep dirt road leading down along the stream, just before the guardrail.  You can park here if your car can handle the incline, and […]

Twin Falls and Stewarts Rapids

This location has two waterfalls, one of which is roadside, and the other is a 5-10 min. hike.  There is a very small parking shoulder for the roadside fall and then a short path right to the head of it. Just past the falls there is a small parking area, with a beach down to […]