Cornwallville Creek

There is a small pull off on 67A just after the Saloon of East Durham that you could park at, and then walk to the bridge and down to the water. Justin had people pointing and yelling at him, and we aren’t sure the legality of this location, though it is listed elsewhere at a […]

Catskill Creek

This is a reported swimming area, though we didn’t see anyone during our visit.  There are small paths on either side of the bridge at the intersection of 67 and 67A, so presumably you could use these to access the water.  Parking would be roadside pull off, wherever you can find.  The access to this […]

Pratt Rock Area

We found this location by chance, and it is just down the road from Pratt Rock, which is a rather unique tourist destination, that you can read about here: From the entrance to Pratt Rock, follow Route 23 towards Prattsville and in less than a mile you’ll go over a bridge, where you can […]

Waneta Lake Falls

This is state land and a preserve for the lake area. Park in the lake access pull off. We were told that people don’t usually swim here. There is a waterfall downstream from the river that flows from the lake, though we aren’t sure if this is still part of the park. Park in lot […]

Corbett Falls

This site is listed elsewhere as a place to swim, be we are unsure if it is actually private property.  It is roadside, and there are laws about how much land people can own alongside the road, but we just don’t know.    We would advise that you ask a local or try to find […]

Drummond Falls

We were told that this is a popular swimming hole, and we did see swimmers here.  There are signs posted along the bank though, so we walked up the creek bed.  We aren’t sure if the owner enforces the trespassing ban, or if the signs are just there for liability reasons, as this is a […]

Kaaterskill Creek

This was a popular swimming hole when we came here years ago.  However, this time it was raining and no swimmers were present, so we aren’t sure if people still swim here.  It is currently posted as “No Trespassing” on one side of the bridge, but not the other, and we are unclear on the current […]

Spillway Gorge

This is a gorgeous waterfall that can be viewed from the bridge crossing Esopus Creek. The spillway is part of the Ashokan reservoir and is off limits with “No Trespassing” signs posted, so this is a “See” location. It is still worth a stop to view the fall, and the water is so clear that […]

Nevele Falls

This is a very pretty little waterfall, that can be seen from the road just off Route 52 outside Ellenville.  You can park alongside Chapel St. and then walk back just over the main road where you can view the fall from the guard rail.  The fall isn’t deep enough to swim in, but we were […]

Washing Machine

Coming from 209, you are looking for Lundy Road, which can be very hard to see, but it is close to the bridge going over Vernooy Kill. Lundy road is a paved road that becomes dirt. The swimming hole is on your left, and there is a little pull off/parking area that can fit 2 […]