Allen Falls

On Allen Falls Road, park in small gravel area by the bridge, then cross the street and walk down the river, doing some bushwhacking along the way. Apparently there is a trail across the yard of the house across the street, but the guy was mowing his lawn when we were there, and that seemed […]

Kent Falls

This location is on Kent Falls Road, which doesn’t have a sign, but if you are coming from Cadyville, it is the left before the bridge that goes over the Saranac.  If you follow this road you’ll come to a closed metal bridge with a parking area just before it.   If you park here […]

Ausable Forks Dam

Park in the sandy parking area off of Ausable Drive, and follow the trail straight down to a clearing. There are a number of little trails of varying degrees of steepness, but you can hear the river from the parking area so pick whatever way seems best for you. Going towards the left will bring […]

The Rock Ausable River Parking Lot

Off of Route 9N, you’ll see a paved loop pull off, which is the parking area.  From here, just walk down the small embankment towards the water.  The water here is shallow and warm, and is only about 4 ft at the deepest.  The water is a clear jade, with a very rocky shore that […]

Jay Covered Bridge

This road doesn’t seem to appear on Google maps, but this location is actually on Brick Store Lane, near where it intersects Jay Fountain Road.  You can park at the Covered Bridge Park, and the bridge goes over the swimming area.  The bridge has parking on both sides, but you can’t drive over it.  This […]

Flume Falls

This is a gorgeous swimming hole, with possibly two routes down to it.  There is a small 8 ft waterfall right by parking area, but the true gem is a downstream. Hike either north or south side of river about 5 min, with trails on the end of each guardrail on the opposite side of […]

Hulls Falls

It is unknown if swimming is allowed or safe at this location.  Both sides of river here are private property, but one side welcomes walkers, and the other side doesn’t.  The signs say no fires camping or littering so please respect this. Our GPS is to the small parking area at the head of the […]

Split Rock Falls

This is a beautiful set of falls, but this location can be very dangerous, and deaths have occurred here. There is an upper, middle, and lower falls, and people swim in the middle and lower ones.  The water is emerald green and very clear, which is enticing, but the water near the falls can become […]

Cedar River

This location is easy to find as it is just at the end of Benton road. Go past the cemetery, and where the road turns to dirt there will be a handwritten sign saying, “Blue Mountain” ahead. This is a gorgeous swimming hole, that has a very special feeling about it.  We have heard that […]

Austin Falls

This waterfall has turbulent water and a swift current, and we wouldn’t recommend swimming here after it rains. The access to Austin Falls is on a back road off of Route 30.  This road is called Old Route 8b/Old Route 30, and is in rough shape.  As you can see from the map below, this […]