Directions, Coordinates, Map


This site is designed to use Google Maps, and we have included our own GPS readings for this purpose.  In working on this project we found using Google Maps to be more accurate and helpful than personal directions, and we recommend using our coordinates to print out directions from your location.  For some locations we have made note of landmarks to help you on your way.

To find directions from your location click on the map icon, and then choose “Get Directions.”  This will redirect you to Google Maps, where you can enter your starting point.  If you prefer, you can open a separate page for Google maps and enter the coordinates manually, but remember that they have to have the same spacing to work.

All GPS readings are taken from parking areas or trail heads, whichever we thought might be more useful. ALL HIKE TIMES ARE ONE WAY.


The colored pins on the map denote our knowledge of public accessibility.  In no way does this mean that swimming is allowed or encouraged at all locations. While our site has an emphasis on swimming, we also include many locations that are simply places to enjoy the outdoors.

Pin Key:

CONFIRMED ACCESS-indicates that the state owns the land, or a private entity has allowed access in the past.  This doesn’t mean that swimming is always allowed or safe.

UNKNOWN OR UNOFFICIAL-means that we are unsure of the legal status of entering this location.  All of our locations have been found through extensive research, but we can’t always be sure if these sources are correct.

STATE OR TOWN PARK-official parks.

POINT OF INTEREST-these are selected tourist locations.

NYC AREA BEACHES-is a link to our research on beach access in the metropolitan area.

Any of this information can change at any time, and all signs and closures should be respected.