Icons and Ratings


The icons on each page are shortcuts to help you find what you are looking for, and you can click on the icon to find a list of locations with that feature.  The icons are just a general designation, so please research the current regulations before planning your trip.

dogs  This icon means that a location is dog friendly.  Please note though that in state and local parks dogs are often allowed in the park, but are rarely allowed on the swimming beaches.  A location that permits dogs in the park or camping area around the beach will be listed as dog friendly, but please bring your dog only if you have someone to watch them.  Please never leave a dog in the car unattended, even if the windows are cracked.  We usually have one person walking the dog, while the other one swims.  If you are bringing a dog with you to a state park, proof of a rabies vaccine is REQUIRED, and they do ask to see it at every check-in station. The red tag that they wear on their collar isn’t enough-you have to bring a printed out vet record, showing the dates of the vaccine, and that it is still current.

dollarsign1 This icon means that there is a fee associated with the day use of a site.  Be aware that some areas are free for day use, but charge a fee for camping.  We haven’t listed the amount of the fees, as these are changeable.

restrooms  This icon means there are restrooms available, but keep in mind that the quality of the restrooms is variable, and could indicate outhouses or Port-a-Potties.

lifeguard  This icon means that there are sometimes lifeguards present.  Lifeguard schedules vary wildly, so please check before hand if you require one present.

campfire  This icon means that there is camping at the site of a location, or within the park surrounding the location.  Camping sites sometimes book up weeks in advance and reservations are recommended, and in some areas they are required.  Many locations have private campgrounds nearby and we recommend using the Allstays App which can be found on iTunes and for Android phones.



Our rating system is from 1 to 5 stars, and is based on our personal experience of a location.  We rate based on the size of the swimming area, the visual quality of the water, the ease of access, and the overall beauty of each location.  These ratings should only be considered as a general guideline.