Private Property


Please respect private property. With a few exceptions, we have only included locations that have previously been published in other guides or online, and the majority of our locations are state or town parks. We have simply streamlined the information, and made it more accessible. If the legality of using a site is unknown to us, we have marked it as “Unknown or Unofficial.”  We have provided any information that we have, and do no condone or take responsibility for trespassing.

If you know that a site is private and not open for public use, please contact us and we will change the listing.  Sometimes the status of public access changes, and we want to provide that information to our readers.  We will also evaluate the location to see if it makes sense to remove the location from our website completely.  The purpose of this site is to provide information, and if we found a location, others will too.  We want to inform our readers if a known site is now off-limits, particularly if it is dangerous.  Some popular locations are deadly, and we want to make sure that information is widely available.  However, many landowners put up “No Trespassing” signs for insurance reasons, but still allow others to use their land.  For these reasons we think it is important to let people know specifically which areas are definitively not open for public use, or are widely used but hazardous.  Please let contact us if you have any information, and we will update the location.