Mt. Waldo Quarry Frankfort

People have died here and there is talk of shutting down access.  If you visit this location, please don’t jump.  This is a remote area, and it would be hard for emergency responders to help you. The entrance to the trail is at the very end of Mt. Waldo Road, which is across from a park […]

Monroe Falls

The road to the falls is hard to spot, as it is just a dirt road on the right as you’re heading on Route 139 towards Monroe from Brooks.  It is called N Center Rd. on Google maps, but we didn’t notice a sign, so it is a good idea to use our coordinates.  The parking […]

Crocketts Beach

This seems to be a town landing with no bathrooms or lifeguards, just a narrow stretch of beach.  We didn’t see anyone swimming, so use your own judgement.  The water seems clear and there are beautiful views, so it would be a nice place to relax.  There is a narrow strip of parking for a few […]

Billings Lake

  UPDATE 7/18/18 We were contacted by the DEEP and told that swimming is not allowed here, so this should be considered a “See” location and used for the allowed activities as outlined in their message: “Parking for such activity is illegal under State regulations which is posted on the signboard. The only people allowed […]

Ashville Pond

You are allowed to be here to use the boat launch, but the sign says all other uses are prohibited.  We did see people swimming, but you might be stopped.  There are two spots here that people use.  The first is the boat launch, where there is a small stone wall and roadside parking.  Just […]

Souhegan River Wilton

UPDATE:  07/23/21 This location is closed, the owner reached out with complaints of  “excessive trash, vandalism, human waste, etc.”, please, treat all of nature with care and respect. Carry in/carry out always and be respectful, the actions of a few can hurt everyone. Our GPS is to the entrance of the trail that leads to […]

Garwin Falls

The trail to the falls is slightly south of where Issac Fry Highway meets Putnam Road, and there is some parking near a chain attached to two trees.  The trail is wide, and it only takes about two minutes to get to the upper falls.  This is the smaller of the two falls,  and if […]

Weare Road

This is a small brook where someone built a rock dam, and there is a big pool above and below, which is moderately deep.  There is a small sand beach with large boulders to sunbathe, and the water is tannic but clear. It has a very secluded feel and I’m sure you wouldn’t get bothered all […]

Andover Covered Bridge

This is also called “Lovejoy Bridge” on Google maps, and it is on Covered Bridge Road where it crosses the Ellis River. I was here on sort of a rainy day and the water level was fairly low, so I didn’t think it seemed very appealing, but if you look at this website it seems […]

White Railing

This is listed elsewhere as a swimming area, but it was only a few inches deep when we were there. There aren’t many real landmarks for the entrance, but it is across the street from the house pictured. There is just a small break in the trees and a little dirt run off to water.  It […]