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This is a small brook where someone built a rock dam, and there is a big pool above and below, which is moderately deep.  There is a small sand beach with large boulders to sunbathe, and the water is tannic but clear. It has a very secluded feel and I’m sure you wouldn’t get bothered all day here. It’s a very peaceful and beautiful spot.

Coming from River Road, this location is 1.9 miles down East Weare Road.  The spot is just after a concrete wall on the left, which is followed by a road on the left, but you want to stay straight.  The swimming place is just past that where you’ll see another dirt pull off on your right with a small short path to the water.  There was tons of poison ivy here when we went, so be forewarned.

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  • 2 min.
  • +43 06.373, -71 40.410
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