Ellis Falls

We’ve heard this is a popular swimming spot, however no one was there when we visited.  The dark water has multiple falls all pouring into a medium sized pool.  Since we didn’t swim here and only photographed it, we don’t know the depth of the water since you couldn’t see that deep into it.  The […]

Devil’s Den, Silver Ripple Cascade

I guess there used to be a sign for “Devil’s Den Road” but during our visit it had been removed.   From the intersection of 120 and South Arm Road, follow South Arm Road for about 4.6 miles.  When you see the narrow black and white post sign marking the “Andover Town Line,” take the […]

Sunday River Road

This location is totally unknown, and we just happened upon it.  It is roadside on the way to Frenchman’s Hole and they had just laid pavement to form a very small pull-off area.  There is a path down to the water, so we thought it might be an area that you’re allowed to be in. […]

Ossipee River Rope Swing

This is just a rope swing on the Ossippee river that we noticed. There is a short dirt turn around on Route 25, and there are no signs saying you can’t swim, but we don’t know who owns the land.  There was a trash back tied to a tree, and a group of swimmers left […]


This one was on, and they named it “Paradise,”but we weren’t entirely sure we found the right area. Park at the sign for the “Sawyer River Road” lot, which is beside route 302. Near the park trail map kiosk there is a trail; follow that for about 7 or 8 minutes to the river. […]

Androscoggin Ranger Station

Park in the visitor’s center parking lot, and you will see a small information kiosk to the left of the station.  To the left of this is a trail which goes behind the ranger station, which you follow for about 5 mins.  The path leads straight to the river, where there is a large shallow pool […]

Bear Pond

On Route 35/37 there seem to be a number of small dirt pull-offs where people swim off of the rocks.  The source we found said that the boat ramp is a common place to swim, and that there is a rope swing nearby. Or GPS coordinates are for the boat ramp, but we didn’t see […]

Charles Pond

We really don’t have any information on this location, we just saw people pulled over and swimming, and it is listed on  There isn’t much parking, and the water is quite dark, almost black, and it seemed a little reedy and swampy.      

Whiteman Gully

This isn’t a swimming location, but the falls are gorgeous. The water is very clear and refreshing, and on a hot day the bottom of the falls will be cool since it’s surrounded by high cliffs trapping the cold mist.  We found this location online, and we didn’t see any signs prohibiting access, but we […]

Upper Six Mile Creek

This is listed online as a swimming hole, but we aren’t sure of the status of this location.  There is a small park alongside the river here, and parking is roadside.  There is a pool at the bottom of the fall, that has blue water.