Sunday River Road


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This location is totally unknown, and we just happened upon it.  It is roadside on the way to Frenchman’s Hole and they had just laid pavement to form a very small pull-off area.  There is a path down to the water, so we thought it might be an area that you’re allowed to be in.

There are rock steps and wooden steps down to the water, and no signs prohibiting being here.  The river narrows between two large rocks and then opens up into a large deep pool.  The water is deep between and in front to the rocks, and is dark green in color.  There is a sandy beach, followed by a rocky beach.  It looked like they were preparing signs to put up, but what they will say we don’t know. The pull off is just after the sign for Outward Bound Hurricane Island.


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  • +44 29.902, -70 53.306
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