Spruce Creek

This is a purported swimming area, downstream of a covered bridge called Salisbury Center Bridge.  There is parking on both sides of the covered bridge, but we don’t think you can drive a car over the bridge.  The creek was flowing very fast when we were here, and swimming wouldn’t have been safe at this […]

Boiling Pot

This is a beautiful location, but swimming may not be allowed.  We did see people swimming here, though we were told people are routinely arrested for trespassing. There is a parking area on Floral Ave near Cahanjoharie village.  From here you can see the water, and just walk down a short path. The Boiling Pot, is […]

Buttermilk Falls, Mechanicville

This is a gorgeous waterfall that almost looks like something you’d find in the tropics.  We would have rated it higher, except that there was a sort of unpleasant odor.  Lots of crawfish in the water, and we were told that if you climb up the falls you’ll be covered in leeches.  We talked to […]

Kinderhook Creek

This is an unofficial swimming area, that looks shallow (maybe 4 feet), but has clear green water.  The bottom is sandy and silty, and there is a small sandy shore.  There is a lot of graffiti, which indicates it might be a hang out spot for teenagers. Park in the parking lot by the bridge, […]

Beaver Cotton Mill

The swimming hole is under the bridge going over Route 203 bridge at Kinderhook Creek.  There is a parking area near the bridge at the junction of 203 and Spring St., where you can see the falls.  Just before the bridge from the parking area, there is a little path down that is hard to […]

Jones Hollow

This swimming hole is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the best we’ve seen. Clear turquoise water, multiple falls and pools, with a larger deeper pool under the bridge. Please keep this place open, and keep it clean.  This area is under the bridge on Route 2, going over the Little Hoosick River in Petersburg.  There is […]

Hoosick River

There is a marked, paved parking lot just beside the dirt road going down to the water.  You can park here and walk 1 min to the stream, or park on the dirt road itself, but it is muddy. The current here moves visibily fast. We did see tents set up along the shore, and […]

Saratoga Ave, Moreau Sandbar Beach

To find this road, go along Saratoga Ave in South Glen Falls,  and you’ll see a large barn-type structure that looks abandoned. The road is an immediate right onto Beach road. This place is totally weird, but has a small beach which seems to be popular with families. There is a well worn trail around […]

Max Shaul Rest Area

Pull off into the rest area along Route 30, which we’ve marked on our map.  From here, walk to Route 30 and take a right to follow the guard rail.  Where the guard rail ends, you’ll see a green sign with numbers, and a “Foot Traffic Only” sign that is yellow.  Follow the path, and […]

Creamery Falls

Creamery Road is opposite a sign for the village of Blenheim. The falls are close to the road on Creamery Road, on the left before Bleinheim Pharmceuticals. You can cross the bridge on Route 30 to get to the top of the falls, where there will be a small steep path with a rope to […]