Kaaterskill Creek


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This was a popular swimming hole when we came here years ago.  However, this time it was raining and no swimmers were present, so we aren’t sure if people still swim here.  It is currently posted as “No Trespassing” on one side of the bridge, but not the other, and we are unclear on the current status of this location.

There are multiple “No Parking” signs, but there is a cemetery on Cemetery Road off of Pine Ave. (see map) which is very close to the bridge, and you might be able to park there.  When the sun is out, the bottom pool is a beautiful turquoise and it is a really lovely place to swim.  There is a small pool in the upper falls as well, and it is deep enough to float in as well.

We only gave it 3 stars due to lack of parking and our uncertainty about access, but otherwise it is great location.





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  • 42 10.166, -74 00.988
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