Point Rock


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This is a popular fishing spot, and a reported swimming hole, though there were no swimmers present during our visit.  It is on Route 67, though this part of the road is variously called Yorkland Road, or Sheehan Road.

There is a spot under the bridge that has really deep water, but if you go downstream a little bit from the bridge, it will become really shallow.  From there you’ll see a cliff and the water opens up into a large deep pool with a slight whirlpool effect.  There are cliffs on one side, and a rocky beach on the other.  The water is a deep tannic, almost black.  There are steps going down one side of the bridge, but to get to under the bridge you have to go on the southwest side of the bridge, and then take the path to get to the whirlpool on the southeast side.  We don’t know about the safety of this area.

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  • 5 min.
  • +43 23.282, -75 33.349
  • Easy

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