Big Deep, Woodstock


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This is a popular swimming area, with a pretty jade lagoon surrounded by forest.  The parking area is just a road side pull off, and Casablanca Lane is very close to it, so you can keep an eye out for that.  Once you park, you follow a well worn trail down to the water.

There is a rope swing and a small upper area as well.  The water seems to be about 4ft. deep.  We were there during a cloudy day, but the water is a brilliant turquoise in the sunlight.

UPDATE-we were contacted and asked to point out that Casablanca Lane is a private road, with no public access to the swimming area.  Please use the lane as a landmark only, and do not drive down this road.  The entrance to the parking area is east of Casablanca Lane.

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  • 5 min.
  • +42 02.241, -74 05.956
  • Easy

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