Rumney Falls

Update 8/20:  We have received complaints from local homeowners about people crossing over private property to access this location.  This is illegal and can cause the closure of swimming locations, not just at the specific location but throughout a town. So please, respect people’s land and do not go anywhere posted. Also, remember, respect the […]

Livermore Falls

This amazing location has everything you could want in a swimming spot. Located on the Pemigewasset River, there are sandy beaches, flat rocks to lay on, rocks to jump off of, rope swings, waterfalls and deep clear water. There are two sandy beaches located here, one is above the waterfalls (our directions lead here) and […]

Big Eddy

There is a parking lot on Big Eddy Lane, by Swiftwater Covered Bridge.  There is a sign saying,”No Nude Bathing,” which indicates that swimming is allowed.  There is a beautiful waterfall, with pools above and below. The water level was probably low while we were here, but it was still gorgeous. Downstream is now “No […]

Baker River Bridge

This is the perfect roadside swimming hole.  There is a gorgeous waterfall with clear emerald water, and large sloping rocks.  The falls are by Route 118, with a parking area on the other side of a small wooden bridge.  There are multiple easy paths to water, and even some stone steps.  There is swimming under […]

Sawyer Rock

If you are coming from the South on Route 302, you’ll see a “White Mountain Forest” official sign and the parking area for Sawyer’s Rock.  Keep going just a minute further down the road, and there is a small dirt pull off near a bridge/culvert which is where the swimming hole is.  Along the guardrail you’ll see […]

West Side Road

This area may be called “Humphrey’s Ledge” but we weren’t sure, so we just named it by the road it is on.  There is a dirt pull off parking area, and then a steep scramble down to the water.  There were lots of kayaks and floats, and it seems to be a popular place to […]

Jackson Falls

When you’re on Carter Notch Rd. you can park in the first parking lot that you see on the water, this is where our gps is set to, but as we learned it’s a fairly hard walk up the falls.  Instead, continue half a mile up the road and park on the right side of […]

Rattlesnake Pool

While this location is in Maine, you have to go through New Hampshire to get there.  From North Chatham, NH, take route 113 N/Main Rd. and take a right onto Stonehouse road.  The road divides in two; go right.  This is Shell Pond Rd., but there was no sign, and it is just a one […]

Thomas Point Beach Campground

This is a private campground that allows the purchase of day passes for their beach.  It seems to be a very clean and well maintained campground, with lots of quirky features like a clock tower and an old train caboose.  The swimming beach is on an inlet, and at low tide recedes quite a bit […]

Keoka Lake

This seems to be a popular spot, which we happened upon by accident.  There is a small parking area which can easily be missed, and a narrow sand beach, which is used for swimming and kayaking.  We don’t know who manages this area, but there was a porta-potty, and an information sign about wildlife.  There […]