Harriman State Park, Lake Wanoksink

UDATE-  We’ve been told that swimming in the lake isn’t allowed, so this is now a “See” location to enjoy a hike.  We also recommend picking up or printing out a trail map before you begin your hike. This lake has crystal clear blue water, and is surrounded by forests and hills. It is fairly […]

Harriman State Park, Island Pond

  UPDATE 7/8/18- We have been told that swimming is no longer allowed here, and that rangers will come and forbid it.  So this area can now be considered a “See” location for viewing enjoyment.  This is the message we received: Hi! Thanks for the great info you have shared! I don’t know if you […]

Sand Beach, Highland Lake

The access road to this beach is across from the fire department, and you want to follow signs for “Sand Beach Bar.”  This is a very small swim area next to a bar, and it seems like the bar owns the beach.

Skinny Dip Falls

This is primarily a nudist area, so do be prepared to see naked people. The parking area is at the end of Taylor road. This is a popular spot, and even though it was cool and cloudy during our visit, the parking lot was full. From the parking lot, follow the dirt road a couple […]

Van Nattas Dam, Ithaca

Park in the signed parking lot for Mulholland Wildflower Preserve, and then walk back to the bridge on Giles St. and cross over the river. You’ll see trails leading alongside the bridge; one leads to the very top of the falls, and the others just lead to the top of the gorge. Instead, go a […]

Second Dam, Ithaca

This is a popular swimming hole and the closest street has “No Parking” signs all along it, so you’ll either have to take your chances, or find somewhere to park and walk in.  The trail to the swimming area is part of the Ithaca trail system, so you are allowed to be here, though swimming […]

Ludlow Falls, Ludlowville

Park at Ludlowville Park, and walk down the path that is to the right of the fence overlooking the falls. This is a teeny park and you won’t have any trouble seeing it. It is a short but slippery walk down to the falls.  We found reports of swimming online, and didn’t see any signs […]

Ithaca Falls

Ithaca Falls is part of the Ithaca Falls Natural Area, which is a small park with a view of the falls.  This is a popular swimming area, though swimming is not allowed.  At times the river and falls have high water and very fast currents, so if you choose to swim here, do so with […]

Great Gully

There is a dirt parking lot for this location, just off of Route 90.  It is between Great Gully Cove road, and  Fire Lane 7, but on the opposite side of the road.  There is a sign here explaining that access to the falls is allowed by a private owner, so please keep this area […]

Carpenter Falls

Park in the small grass lot at the intersection of Apple Point Road and Carver Road (on Google it is listed as Appletree Point Road).  From here you’ll see a trail info booth, which has a map of the area.  Take the left most trail, which will lead you to the middle of the falls. […]