Sewell Pond

There are two locations on Sewell Pond-one is roadside and was fairly crowded when we visited, so we couldn’t get many pictures, but the other one is nicer anyway. The first area is at +43 52.143, -069 46.993, and is just a little pull off where the water comes close to Arrowsic Road as you […]

Morse Mountain

Morse Mountain is a conservation area that is open to the public.  The 1.7 mile trail brings you to a beach that is separated from Popham Beach by a small tidal river.  There are no facilities whatsoever, so bring everything you might need, and “carry in, carry out.” There is no shade on the beach, and […]

Head Beach

This is a private beach that is open to the public, though the nearby private campground requires registration and is fenced off.  You’ll see a small toll booth off of Route 216, which is where you pay the day use fee. We were there on a weekday and the booth was empty, so it might […]

Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island is famous for its beauty, and it is a popular destination for artists.  To get to the island most people take the mailboat, which departs from Port Clyde.  The beach where people swim is a little cove close to the arrivals dock.  Coming from the dock, walk straight up Wharf Hill Road to […]

Sugar Creek Glen Campground

This is an unusual entry, as it is a private campground, but they do allow you to purchase a day pass to explore their waterfall trail, and they don’t prohibit swimming in the falls. The entire trail is basically a creek walk through the falls, so this hike is moderate for adults, but slippery and […]

Stone Valley Colton

This is an official trail that follows the river along side a dam release.  There are sirens and warning signs all over, so you have to be careful when they release the water as I’m sure the surge happens quickly and could be deadly. It would probably be best to ask a local before venturing […]

Little Stony Point Park, Cornish Estate

This place is awesome.  There are sort of two sections divided by Route 9D-there is a beach on the Hudson where people swim, and on the other side there is a hike through the ruins of an old estate.  This was one of the most interesting locations that we visited, though unfortunately we sort of […]

Indian Spring Falls

UPDATE-Swimming is now illegal here, and the area is patrolled, so please consider this a “See” location. Park in the parking lot for Audubon Center.  Then continue up Indian Brook Rd. by foot, go under the bridge, and you’ll see a trail to your left. Follow the trail for a minute, and after you cross […]

Deckertown Falls

This area has public access that abuts private property, so ensure that you don’t trespass onto private land.  There is a very small parking area at the end of East Catlin Street, and from here you can see the water, and you follow the small path to the fall. The bottom fall has a small […]

Harriman State Park, Pine Meadow Lake

This is one of my favorite lakes in New York. It has crystal clear blue water, and large rocks that are perfect for lounging. I heard somewhere that this lake is fed by a spring, and that is why it’s so clear. It’s fairly remote, so even though spectacular, there weren’t too many people there. The clear […]