Stover’s Point Preserve

Our GPS didn’t read correctly, but the preserve is on Google Maps, and there are also directions on the link below. We really enjoyed the views from the beach, as it is an interesting area with active boating and fishing .  You can also see the cribstone bridge, which is one of a kind.  The […]

Marlboro Beach, Raccoon Cove

This is a sandy pebble beach with pretty views.  There were some people swimming, and it seems to be a somewhat active waterfront for fishing and clamming.  There is a parking lot, but no facilities.

Jenkin’s Beach, Green Lake

This is an unusual little paid beach beside a house/camp.  It is kind of like a DIY park, with a waterslide and diving platform.  They also offer cottage rentals, and fishing.  It is sort of an odd place, but fun for kids.

Dog’s Eden, Little Long Pond Trails

  We only had our phones, so we just have a few pictures of this location, but luckily this website has a lot of good information: This area is used primarily for the walking trails, and as an off leash dog park.  This is private property that they are generous enough to allow people to […]

Black Point Trail

This is a popular fishing spot, and possibly a place that swimming would be good, as there are a few protected pools that might be safe, depending on tide. We don’t know for sure though, and we didn’t see anyone swimming.  We are including this location because it is short hike that is really pretty, and you […]

Souhegan River Amherst

This is just a little boat access area, but people do swim here.  Traveling on Boston Post Road, if the Souhegan high school is on your right then take the second road on the right, just before a little bridge.  There is a small parking area with steep steps leading down to the water. The water […]

Packer’s Falls

There are parking lots on Bennet Road and on Packers Falls Road, and we parked on Bennet and followed a short trail down to the water.  There is a sign for Packer’s Falls, and you are allowed to swim here at your own risk.  The trail came out to the edge of a small pool, […]

Sewell Falls Recreation Area

Drive down 2nd Street and pass over the railroad tracks, and then take a left to access the parking area that is designated for boating.  This area seems a little industrial at first, and we weren’t sure if we were allowed to be here, but there is a public parking lot with a short trail leading […]

Coos Canyon

Coos Canyon is famous in Maine, and is one of the most unique swimming holes in the state.  The canyon has smooth curving rocks, and green water flowing over multiple falls.  It is wonderful that they seem to allow, or at least not prevent, people from swimming here.  Some people swim below the bridge that crosses […]

Wire Bridge

From Route 27, get on Route 146 heading towards New Portland, and take the first left and then the first right, following the signs for “Wire Bridge.”  Follow this road to the end (about 2 minutes), where you’ll see the bridge and parking area. We wouldn’t call this a swimming place really, as it looked […]