Dead River Boat Ramp, Flagstaff Lake

This is a boat ramp where swimming is allowed, which is fairly unusual.  There is a sign requesting swimmers to be courteous and make way for boaters, which is always a good idea. Kids were jumping from the low bridge, about 12 feet high.  There is a parking lot beside the bridge, which has an outhouse. […]

Smalls Falls

Our GPS is for a small parking area at the top of the falls, but there is a large parking lot with restrooms at the base, and a path that leads you directly to the main fall.  The dirt road for the upper lot isn’t marked at all, you just have to look out for […]

Eastman Park

This is a really cute park beside a house, and seems to be open to the public due to the land owners. Look for the blue house where the road crosses the Sandy River, and the path is before the narrow bridge.  There is a sign for Eastman Park, but it is a little hard […]

Cathedral Pines Campground

This is a private campground, that offers an area for public swimming.  The campground itself is really unique, with towering trees and lakeside sites.  The waterfront sites book up months in advance, but we stayed at a forest site and it was still one of our favorite campgrounds, solely for the beauty of the trees. […]

Riverside Park, Carrabassett River

Park in the large dirt parking lot along route 27, then follow the overgrown paved trail leading from the left hand side of lot into the woods.  The trail will split, and you follow the smaller path down to the water.  You can see the river from the parking lot, so it is easy to find. […]

The Cataracts

This is a beautiful location, with two separate areas that might be possible for swimming. There is a calmer area above the main falls with small pools and various small waterfalls.  The other area is below the main waterfall, which is difficult to get to and not recommended for children. This pool is secluded and […]

Frenchman’s Hole

Coming from the south on the Sunday River Road, the road will veer left to pass over two bridges.  This is a little confusing, because this short section is variously called Two Bridges Road or Coburn Field Road, but it becomes Sunday River Road again immediately after the bridges.  After the bridges, take your first […]

Prescott Field, Sandy River

This is listed on, but I’m not sure if I would swim here.  The water is very black, and you can see that there is some debris left from a bridge or mill.  The walk to the river is pretty though, with lots of wildflowers and small paths to the shore, so it might […]

Johnson Field Preserve

This is an ocean beach on Bailey’s Island, which is a picturesque Maine village.  It is a working beach, and you will see lots of fishing boats and seagulls.  We have seen this listed as a place that people swim, but it does have a lot of seaweed, and will likely be very cold.  It […]

Smarts Brook

Park in the Smarts Brook Trail lot, where you’ll see multiple trailheads.  Follow the one that says, “Smarts Brook Trail.” You will do a somewhat steep 5 min. hike up a dirt trail, then this will lead to a wide grassy road that you take a left on. You follow this easy hike for about […]