Carpenter Falls


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Park in the small grass lot at the intersection of Apple Point Road and Carver Road (on Google it is listed as Appletree Point Road).  From here you’ll see a trail info booth, which has a map of the area.  Take the left most trail, which will lead you to the middle of the falls.  There is a very steep switch back trail leading down to the falls that you can follow if you wish, though it was slippery when we were there.  There are reports of swimming here, but during our visit the falls were flowing very heavily, and were obviously not safe for swimming.  There are other paths at this park, though it isn’t very clear where they lead to. Explore at your own risk. Swimming is definitely not allowed, though this is a gorgeous waterfall and worth a visit.

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  • 5 min. to view
  • +42 48.794, -76 20.492
  • Easy

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