Screw Auger Falls, Mahoosuc Public Land

The parking area for Screw Auger Falls is off of Route 26, and is well-marked and easy to find.  The lot isn’t huge, and this is a popular location, so you might want to come early on the weekends. The falls are beside the parking area. This is beautiful waterfall, with interesting rock formations.   […]

Frenchman’s Hole

Coming from the south on the Sunday River Road, the road will veer left to pass over two bridges.  This is a little confusing, because this short section is variously called Two Bridges Road or Coburn Field Road, but it becomes Sunday River Road again immediately after the bridges.  After the bridges, take your first […]

Prescott Field, Sandy River

This is listed on, but I’m not sure if I would swim here.  The water is very black, and you can see that there is some debris left from a bridge or mill.  The walk to the river is pretty though, with lots of wildflowers and small paths to the shore, so it might […]

Webb Beach, Mount Blue State Park

This park offers lake swimming with a sand beach with clear cold water, and stunning mountain views. There is a large grass area for picnicking which has stone steps leading to the water, and a pretty swing bench to take in the view.  There also seem to be canoe and peddle boat rentals.  Dogs are […]

Kineowatha Park, Wilson Lake

This park was an unexpected surprise, and it is pretty awesome.  It must have been a summer camp previously, as there are scattered buildings with signs like “Main Lodge.”  There are tennis courts, soccer fields, and a huge swimming dock.  When we were there the swimming area seemed to have unfettered access, but this may […]

Johnson Field Preserve

This is an ocean beach on Bailey’s Island, which is a picturesque Maine village.  It is a working beach, and you will see lots of fishing boats and seagulls.  We have seen this listed as a place that people swim, but it does have a lot of seaweed, and will likely be very cold.  It […]

Smarts Brook

Park in the Smarts Brook Trail lot, where you’ll see multiple trailheads.  Follow the one that says, “Smarts Brook Trail.” You will do a somewhat steep 5 min. hike up a dirt trail, then this will lead to a wide grassy road that you take a left on. You follow this easy hike for about […]

Rocky Gorge Scenic Area

UPDATE- according to this website swimming is now prohibited here and strictly enforced This is a beautiful area, but should now be considered a “See” location.

Otter Rocks Picnic Area

Park in the Otter Rocks lot with the White Mountain National Forest Sign, and then walk down to the river.  There is a small cascade with a few little pools that children could play in, as they are very shallow.  This leads into a bigger pool which is maybe 4 ft. deep.  There are large flat […]

Ossipee River Rope Swing

This is just a rope swing on the Ossippee river that we noticed. There is a short dirt turn around on Route 25, and there are no signs saying you can’t swim, but we don’t know who owns the land.  There was a trash back tied to a tree, and a group of swimmers left […]