Location Tag: Dog Friendly

Lake Dennison Recreation Area

There is a large grassy lawn, and a sizable sand beach.  The swimming area is fairly small though, and a little cramped on weekends.  Dogs are allowed in the parking area, but not near the beach, so it would be hard to bring a dog here. http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/region-central/lake-dennison-recreation-area.html  

Dunn State Park

There is a small to medium sized swimming area with dark tannic water, and a sand beach.  They have pretty picnic areas beneath towering trees, and three play-sets for children.  Dogs are allowed in the park, but not on the beach.  There are walking trails available around the lake, so it could be a fun […]

Willard Brook State Forest, Damon Pond

There is pretty covered bridge walkway, lots of picnic areas, and a small nature center.  The swimming area is fairly small, but the area is scenic.  There are two beaches, but it seems like you are only allowed to swim in the one that has a roped off section.  A little down the road is […]

Souhegan River Amherst

This is just a little boat access area, but people do swim here.  Traveling on Boston Post Road, if the Souhegan high school is on your right then take the second road on the right, just before a little bridge.  There is a small parking area with steep steps leading down to the water. The water […]

Souhegan River Wilton

UPDATE:  07/23/21 This location is closed, the owner reached out with complaints of  “excessive trash, vandalism, human waste, etc.”, please, treat all of nature with care and respect. Carry in/carry out always and be respectful, the actions of a few can hurt everyone. Our GPS is to the entrance of the trail that leads to […]

Pearl Hill State Park

This is a picturesque park, with a large sand beach, and a long swimming area that could be good for doing laps.  The water had a lot of organic debris, but seemed clean.  The surrounding forest has a verdant understory of ferns, there are some pretty flowering bushes as well. Dogs are allowed on a […]

Greenfield State Park

The park has a swimming area on Otter Lake, which our GPS says is also called Picnickers Beach.  The facilities seem a little bit worn, but the park is peaceful and pretty.  The swimming area is medium sized with a small sand beach, and it seems like they have a lifeguard sometimes. There is also […]

Garwin Falls

The trail to the falls is slightly south of where Issac Fry Highway meets Putnam Road, and there is some parking near a chain attached to two trees.  The trail is wide, and it only takes about two minutes to get to the upper falls.  This is the smaller of the two falls,  and if […]

Weare Road

This is a small brook where someone built a rock dam, and there is a big pool above and below, which is moderately deep.  There is a small sand beach with large boulders to sunbathe, and the water is tannic but clear. It has a very secluded feel and I’m sure you wouldn’t get bothered all […]

Packer’s Falls

There are parking lots on Bennet Road and on Packers Falls Road, and we parked on Bennet and followed a short trail down to the water.  There is a sign for Packer’s Falls, and you are allowed to swim here at your own risk.  The trail came out to the edge of a small pool, […]