Location Tag: Dog Friendly

Range Pond State Park

Range Pond has a wide sand beach, and a large swimming area, which make it a popular weekend destination.  They have very nice facilities, and playground and picnic areas are available. What is really cool about this beach though, is that they have a wheelchair ramp that goes into the water, which is the first time […]

Keoka Lake

This seems to be a popular spot, which we happened upon by accident.  There is a small parking area which can easily be missed, and a narrow sand beach, which is used for swimming and kayaking.  We don’t know who manages this area, but there was a porta-potty, and an information sign about wildlife.  There […]

Barrett Beach

A small park on the ocean with picnic tables and pavilion. We were here at low tide so there was a medium sized beach area, mix of sand and large boulders. It looks like during high tide the beach may disappear or become very small, however there is plenty of grass and picnic table right by […]

Winslow Park

This is an oceanside town park, with a swimming beach and dock.  The park is close to the outlet shopping in Freeport, so you could easily do both.  There is camping available, and a playground with a wooden ark.  The park was quiet and clean, and very peaceful when we where here. There are also […]

Royal River

This is a town park located directly across from the Yarmouth History Center.  This location was listed on swimmingholes.org, but we couldn’t tell exactly where people swim, since there are multiple falls, and the river takes two different paths around the park. We believe it is most likely that people swim near the larger fall, but […]

Whiteman Gully

This isn’t a swimming location, but the falls are gorgeous. The water is very clear and refreshing, and on a hot day the bottom of the falls will be cool since it’s surrounded by high cliffs trapping the cold mist.  We found this location online, and we didn’t see any signs prohibiting access, but we […]

Sugar Creek Glen Campground

This is an unusual entry, as it is a private campground, but they do allow you to purchase a day pass to explore their waterfall trail, and they don’t prohibit swimming in the falls. The entire trail is basically a creek walk through the falls, so this hike is moderate for adults, but slippery and […]

Stony Brook State Park

This is a gorgeous park with a series of waterfalls and creeks to explore.  There is an official swimming area where they have dammed off a part of the river.  The walk along the falls is easy, and very picturesque, with stone bridges and staircases. http://nysparks.com/parks/118/details.aspx

Lake Erie State Park

This is a lovely beach with a hilly approach and expansive view.  There were no lifeguards or buoys when we were there, but swimming is allowed according to their website, and there is a sign saying no swimming when lifeguards are off duty. http://nysparks.com/parks/129/amenities-activities.aspx

Grimes Glen

There is a small parking area with picnic tables, and a little bridge that you take over the river to follow the path to the fall.  You can also go through the creek, as you’ll have to eventually any way. Upstream from the bridge there is a little pool that small children could play in […]