Location Tag: Dog Friendly

Emerald Pool

This location is part of the White Mountains National Forest, which is primarily in New Hampshire, but does enter into Maine around here. Emerald Pool is variously described as being in either New Hampshire or Maine, but you can see by our GPS and map that it is in New Hampshire, close to the border. Park in […]

Peacock Beach State Park

This park used to be run by the state, but is now maintained by the town of Richmond. It isn’t staffed and the entrance fee is by donation.  Swimming is allowed at your own risk, and there are stone steps leading into the water, and tiny area of sand.  There is large grass lawn with […]

Willard Beach

Willard Beach is small cove with about 4 acres of sand beach, and pretty views of stone forts and a lighthouse.  There is a parking lot on Willow Road, which is off of the small circular turn around which marks the beach entrance.  There is also some street parking where Willow ends on Preble.  There […]

Pine Point Beach, Hurd Park

This is a large sand beach that connects to Old Orchard, though it would be a rather long walk.  The beach is crowded, though it isn’t a popular as Old Orchard.  There is more of a family feel as well, and not the party atmosphere that you’ll find closer to the boardwalk.  There is a […]

Old Orchard

Old Orchard is probably the most popular beach in Maine, and could be considered Maine’s version of the Jersey Shore.  It has a boardwalk and amusement park, and there are lots of restaurants and tourist shops in town.  The beach is overwhelmingly crowded, but if you are looking for a party atmosphere, this is the […]

Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach is one of the few surfing beaches in Maine, but unfortunately some members of the town have been beach access for years.  Surfing is only allowed during certain times, and parking for Higgins Beach is a real problem. There is a small lot in town where you can pay $10 for the day, […]

Ferry Beach

This is a town beach with white sand and beautiful views.  The parking lot is small, and it seems to be a fairly popular place, so you might have trouble getting in.  Dogs are prohibited from 9am-5pm during the summer.

East End Beach

This beach is within the city of Portland, so it is a great resource if you’re just visiting for the weekend. While the swimming beach is small, there are picnic areas and a rocky coast to do a little exploring.  Kayak and stand-up paddle board rentals are available in the parking lot, and there was […]

Deering Oaks Park

Deering Oaks is a lovely park in Portland, which features a picturesque splash pool for children.  The splash pool mimics a stream, with smooth rocks and a reflecting pool.  While the park isn’t very large, it also has a duck pond with a tiny house in the middle, and there are plans to add a […]

Thomas Point Beach Campground

This is a private campground that allows the purchase of day passes for their beach.  It seems to be a very clean and well maintained campground, with lots of quirky features like a clock tower and an old train caboose.  The swimming beach is on an inlet, and at low tide recedes quite a bit […]