Location Tag: Dog Friendly

Twin Mountain

The dirt road to this location is a little hard to spot.  Google Maps lists it as Haystack Road, but we didn’t see any signs.  If you’re coming from the South on Route 3, you can find the road by looking for a sign that says, “National Forest Ahead,” and then the road is on […]

Sawyer Rock

If you are coming from the South on Route 302, you’ll see a “White Mountain Forest” official sign and the parking area for Sawyer’s Rock.  Keep going just a minute further down the road, and there is a small dirt pull off near a bridge/culvert which is where the swimming hole is.  Along the guardrail you’ll see […]


This one was on swimmingholes.org, and they named it “Paradise,”but we weren’t entirely sure we found the right area. Park at the sign for the “Sawyer River Road” lot, which is beside route 302. Near the park trail map kiosk there is a trail; follow that for about 7 or 8 minutes to the river. […]

West Side Road

This area may be called “Humphrey’s Ledge” but we weren’t sure, so we just named it by the road it is on.  There is a dirt pull off parking area, and then a steep scramble down to the water.  There were lots of kayaks and floats, and it seems to be a popular place to […]

Jackson Falls

When you’re on Carter Notch Rd. you can park in the first parking lot that you see on the water, this is where our gps is set to, but as we learned it’s a fairly hard walk up the falls.  Instead, continue half a mile up the road and park on the right side of […]

Glen Ellis Falls

Park in the official parking lot for Glen Ellis Falls, and then walk under the highway through a little stone tunnel at the edge of the lot.  This will lead you to a well maintained path with guide rails (part of the Appalachian Trail), which follows the water downstream.  You’ll see a small pool above […]

First Bridge

This is a town park and boat launch, with river swimming under a bridge.  It is on River Road near North Conway, and you’ll see a large field near a bridge, with parking areas and signs.  There is a parking lot for the boat launch on one side of the bridge, and another parking lot on […]

Diana’s Baths

This is a gorgeous waterfall that the park service allows people to swim and enjoy freely.  For this reason, it is immensely popular, and it is one of the most crowded falls we’ve seen.  There a multiple levels, and dozens of small waterfalls and pools to explore.  There are some short slides at the top […]

Moose Brook State Park

Next to the camping area there is a small pond with swimming, and a bridge that they let you jump from (we were told this by an employee). The bridge has ladders and a jumping platform.  The water is dark brown, with leaf debris at the bottom.  The pond is by a small stream, and the […]

Weston’s Beach

This is an idyllic place for river swimming, with a massive sand beach curving along green water.  There is a rope swing downstream on other side of the bridge, and a small island with what seem to be the ruins of a rampart.   People were swimming, floating, and kayaking.  The beach is big enough […]