Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach is one of the few surfing beaches in Maine, but unfortunately some members of the town have been beach access for years.  Surfing is only allowed during certain times, and parking for Higgins Beach is a real problem. There is a small lot in town where you can pay $10 for the day, or there are a few one-hour roadside spaces immediately beside the beach, though both of these options often fill up early.  Do not park anywhere else, as they aggressively serve tickets in this town.

There is a large sand beach, though we didn’t see a lifeguard, or restrooms.  Dogs are allowed on the beach, but only at certain times, and it is probably best to leave your dog at home for this one.





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  • 0 min.
  • +43 33.634, -70 16.716
  • Easy

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