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Little Deep, Woodstock

From NY-212, turn onto W Hurley-Zena Rd for about .3 miles, and you’ll see a parking area on your right.  The trail to Little Deep in just north of the river as you follow it upstream (the path is very obvious). The actual Little Deep is just a few minutes from the parking area. It’s a […]

Indian Spring Falls

UPDATE-Swimming is now illegal here, and the area is patrolled, so please consider this a “See” location. Park in the parking lot for Audubon Center.  Then continue up Indian Brook Rd. by foot, go under the bridge, and you’ll see a trail to your left. Follow the trail for a minute, and after you cross […]

Golden Beach Campground

This is a pretty park, and the beach does in fact appear “golden.”  The swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we couldn’t really evaluate it. http://newyorkstateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/golden-beach-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NY&parkId=642

Eighth Lake Beach Campground

This is listed as having a swimming area, but it wasn’t set up during our visit and we couldn’t really evaluate it, or know if we were in the right spot. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24465.html  

Deckertown Falls

This area has public access that abuts private property, so ensure that you don’t trespass onto private land.  There is a very small parking area at the end of East Catlin Street, and from here you can see the water, and you follow the small path to the fall. The bottom fall has a small […]

Clute Park Campground

This is a small town beach and RV park.  The water was clear, but the park was closed and the swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we can’t really evaluate it. http://www.watkinsglen.us/clute-park-campground

Buttermilk Falls State Park

This is a fantastic swimming area at the base of a waterfall.  There are dozens of waterfalls on the trails above the swimming area, and this is one of the most beautiful state parks that we encountered. The swimming area is by the parking lot, but the waterfall trail will take you at least an […]

Big Deep, Woodstock

This is a popular swimming area, with a pretty jade lagoon surrounded by forest.  The parking area is just a road side pull off, and Casablanca Lane is very close to it, so you can keep an eye out for that.  Once you park, you follow a well worn trail down to the water. There […]

Rye Town Park

This beach was a huge surprise for us, and we were not expecting it to be so beautiful.  It is next door to Rye Playland, which is a theme park, but seems to be nicer than most.  It is sort of like a small version of Disney World, and they also have swimming available there. […]

Harriman State Park, Pine Meadow Lake

This is one of my favorite lakes in New York. It has crystal clear blue water, and large rocks that are perfect for lounging. I heard somewhere that this lake is fed by a spring, and that is why it’s so clear. It’s fairly remote, so even though spectacular, there weren’t too many people there. The clear […]