Rye Town Park


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This beach was a huge surprise for us, and we were not expecting it to be so beautiful.  It is next door to Rye Playland, which is a theme park, but seems to be nicer than most.  It is sort of like a small version of Disney World, and they also have swimming available there.

The town beach has a huge swimming area, and it pretty much looked like people were swimming wherever.  There is a large sand beach, and pretty views.  The pavilion is a really neat sort of European-inspired series of buildings, and quite scenic.  This is one of the nicest town beaches we’ve been to.

Dogs are allowed only from 6am to 8am in morning, and not on the beach.


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  • 0 min.
  • +40 57.586, -73 40.890
  • Easy
  • 967-0965

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