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Sand Beach

This is a beautiful beach, and one of the most famous in Maine.  There is a large sand beach surrounded by cliffs, and the water is a stunning turquoise blue.  As part of Acadia National Park, there are numerous areas to explore, and the beach is close to many hiking trails.  Nearby Bar Harbor has […]

Lamoine Beach State Park

We didn’t see anyone swimming, and we aren’t sure if you are allowed to or not.  There is a small sign saying “no swimming off dock” which implies that you can swim elsewhere.  There are beautiful expansive views, and picnic tables overlooking the water.   little shade, outhouses.  The water seems fairly clear, and there is a […]

Jenkin’s Beach, Green Lake

This is an unusual little paid beach beside a house/camp.  It is kind of like a DIY park, with a waterslide and diving platform.  They also offer cottage rentals, and fishing.  It is sort of an odd place, but fun for kids. https://www.jenkinsbeach.com

Swan Lake State Park

They have a medium sized pebble/sand beach and swimming area.  There is a shaded picnic area and playground.  This is a nice place to swim and close to Belfast which has great restaurants and shopping. Dogs are allowed but not on the beach. http://www.ohranger.com/me/swan-lake  

Birch Point Beach State Park

This is a great beach, with beautiful blue water.   The water is fairly clear of seaweed and rocks, and the surf was gentle.  There are rocky  outcroppings to explore, and beautiful views.  There are picnic tables on the grassy rocks to one side, and there seem to be some trails. This area is likely […]

Bristol Town Beach

This area seems to be popular with day camps, and it was fairly hectic.  The beach itself wasn’t that crowded though, and there is a large roped swimming area with multiple lifeguards.  They have also have tennis courts and sports fields, concessions and a pavilion. Dogs are allowed in the park, but not on the beach […]

Second Beach, Sachuest Beach

 This is an enormous beach with multiple lifeguard stations and open swimming.  There is lots of room to spread out, so the beach is relaxing and uncluttered.  The beach seems to sometimes be called “Sachuest” but is more commonly referred to as “Second Beach.” Port-a-potties are available, and there is camping in the area.  There […]

Napatree Watch Hill Beach

This is rather fancy beach, in a very ritzy area. Parking is in town, though there is a parking lot that you can use if you’re shopping.  It is a large beach in a beautiful area, and they even have a carousel.  The downtown area has lots of restaurants and stores to explore. http://seewesterly.com/westerly/watch-hill-beach/ Just down […]

Gooseberry Beach

This is a lovely beach with very soft light colored sand and nice views of the surrounding houses.  There are concessions and changing areas.  You can see diving platforms in our photos, but they might belong to the club next door. http://www.newport-discovery-guide.com/newport-ri-beaches.html#gooseberry

Charlestown Breachway

This beach is stunning.  There are wild rose bushes along the shore, and turquoise blue water.  There is a river canal running to the ocean which is fun to watch, and the beach is huge.  There isn’t that much parking at the state park, but there is a town beach with parking that you’ll see […]