Location Tag: Dog Friendly

Monroe Falls

The road to the falls is hard to spot, as it is just a dirt road on the right as you’re heading on Route 139 towards Monroe from Brooks.  It is called N Center Rd. on Google maps, but we didn’t notice a sign, so it is a good idea to use our coordinates.  The parking […]

Lincolnville Beach

The beach is in downtown Lincolnville, just off of Route 1, so there is easy access to restaurants and shops.  They have a medium sized sand beach with ocean swimming, and pretty views of sailboats. Parking is on the road running beside the beach, and there are port-a-potties available.  We didn’t see any signs prohibiting dogs, […]

Laite Memorial Beach Park

The park is on a steep hill leading down to the ocean, so it can be difficult to spot from the road.  Just go slowly and keep your eye out for the grass lawn and parking loop. This is a great little park, with remarkable views of the bay.  There is a playground, swimming platform, and […]

Birch Point Beach State Park

This is a great beach, with beautiful blue water.   The water is fairly clear of seaweed and rocks, and the surf was gentle.  There are rocky  outcroppings to explore, and beautiful views.  There are picnic tables on the grassy rocks to one side, and there seem to be some trails. This area is likely […]

Bartlett Cove Public Beach

This is a pretty beach with a roped swimming area, and diving platform.  There is a small sand beach with picturesque views of some islands.  The grass picnic area is backed by sheer cliffs which is kind of unusual and interesting.  Dogs are allowed at certain times, and port-a-potties are available.

Warren Town Beach, Burrs Hill Park

This is a small beach with no lifeguard or buoys, just markers defining a large swimming area.  They have picnic areas and playgrounds, and outdoor showers.  We didn’t see any bathrooms, but maybe we missed them.  Dogs seem to be allowed as there were no signs prohibiting them.  There is a parking lot just across […]

Colt State Park

Online it says that there is swimming here, but we didn’t see any official area for bathing.  People were swimming near a bridge though, and the water is remarkably clear.  This is a beautiful and expansive park, with lots of water frontage, so it is a great place to picnic and spend the day.  We also saw people fishing […]

Brenton Point State Park

This is a gorgeous ocean side park, with great views.  There are little pull offs and beaches all the way through the park. For the beach shown, travel with the ocean on your left, and park at the very end of the state parking area.  Continue walking on the roadside until you see little stone […]

Fort Wetherill State Park

This is a great park, with lots of areas to explore.  There is a deserted and overgrown fort, and at least three ocean beaches.  Our gps is for the beach area by the fort, where there is a somewhat steep path down to the water.  There are two beaches across the cove by a boat ramp, and […]

Billings Lake

  UPDATE 7/18/18 We were contacted by the DEEP and told that swimming is not allowed here, so this should be considered a “See” location and used for the allowed activities as outlined in their message: “Parking for such activity is illegal under State regulations which is posted on the signboard. The only people allowed […]