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Stag Brook Falls

Park in the Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, and walk up the road in between the main lodge and the education center.  Once you pass the educational center you’ll see a sign for Stag Brook trail. You’ll come across the largest fall pretty quickly, which is probably about 50 ft., with no pool.  There is a […]

Noblewood Park

The beach was closed this year because they couldn’t find a lifeguard, but the ranger agreed to show me around.  The set up is kind of funny, because when the beach is open you park in a small lot, and then the ranger drives you down in a homemade cart with four bus seats in […]

Ausable Point Campground

This is one of our favorite campgrounds.  They have a massive beach, and absolutely beautiful views of Lake Champlain. There is a large roped swimming area on one side of the beach, which has bright blue water.  Since the lake is so large, it feels like you’re on the ocean.  There is also a second […]

Ausable Chasm

This is a huge tourist complex with camping, motel, concessions, a museum, and multiple adventure options. You can also get a duel ticket to visit High Falls Gorge, if you’d like to see both. All of the adventure trips look really fun, including TUBING in the chasm.  They also have rafting, rappelling, and a candlelight […]

Wilmington Town Beach

Google maps has this road labeled as Beach Road, but the sign for it says “Bowman Lane.” If you are coming from Wilmington, there is a sign for the beach on the left, but you take a right on onto Bowman Lane.  This is a town park with a nice swimming area and a small […]

Lake Placid Public Beach

This is a very popular town park on Mirror Lake in downtown Lake Placid.  There is a large swimming area, with multiple diving platforms and a dock.    Serious swimmers train for the Iron Man competition here, but we believe you have to have permission to swim outside of the buoyed areas.  The park has […]

Lincoln Pond Campground

This is a nice campground that only has about 20 sites, so it is small and a little close together, but not overcrowded.  We couldn’t ascertain the size of the swim area, because they couldn’t get a lifeguard that year and just left the beach open without buoys. If a ranger sees you swimming you’ll […]

Schroon Lake Public Beach

This is an exceptional town beach, with large swimming areas, two diving platforms, playground, huge grass lawn, sand beach, and clear water. Concessions and boating are available nearby.  The park is situated on a hill sloping down to the water, and has expansive views of the lake.  They may allow dogs in the grass area, […]

Scaroon Manor State Park

This is such a cool park.  It is a former mansion that has been converted into a state park, and we loved exploring it.  There are the ruins of an old theater that was on the estate, and you can walk on the remnants of a stage where Gene Kelly once danced.  The roped swimming […]

Eagle Point State Park

This is a large beach with very a small swimming area.  The waterfront section is spacious and has beautiful views, so it is sort of ridiculous to have such a small roped section.  The water is very clear with a pebble bottom, and they seem to have kayak and canoes rentals. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24463.html