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Little Wolf Beach Campground

This location is listed as being on Wolf Pond Road, but we didn’t see the sign for it, so it might not be apparent when it changes from South Little Wolf Road.  The easiest thing to do is to keep your eye out for the RV park. This is a town beach with a campground […]

Fish Creek Pond Campground

This location is unusual in that two campgrounds (Fish Creek Pond and Rollins Pond) both share the same entrance.  The beach is at the Fish Creek Pond site, and Rollins doesn’t have a formal swimming area. There is a nice playground and picnic area with large stone fireplaces, and a very small sand beach. It was closed […]

Ampersand Beach, Middle Saranac Lake

This area is part of the Saranac Lake Island Campground, but the path to this location is from the Ampersand Mountain Trailhead parking lot on Route 3.  We have seen this listed as “Ampersand Beach” but it might not be the correct name for it. Follow the trail leading towards the water from the parking […]

Cadyville Beach

This is a little town beach on the Saranac River with an unusual square dock.  This seems like a very good area for small children to enjoy.  There seems to be a small swimming area outside the dock, possible for laps. http://www.townofplattsburghrecreation.com/Default.aspx?tabid=551041    

High Falls

High Falls is an impressive 120 ft. multi-tiered waterfall that cuts through the surrounding rocks and cliffs. The top of the falls is a dam, before which the river is calm, wide and deep. Up top I encountered a few fishermen who said there is good swimming above and some places to jump into the […]

Plattsburgh Town Beach

This location is beside the Crete Memorial Auditorium and shares a beach with Cumberland Bay State Park, which has camping. This is a HUGE town beach, and one of the best that we visited.  It is one of the largest fresh water beaches in North America, and has multiple very long swimming areas.  It is […]

Macomb Reservation State Park

To access the beach area, go past the main park entrance and over a small bridge, and the day use area will be on the left.  This park is a little worn down, but the area is lovely and peaceful.  It was totally empty during our visit, but we aren’t sure if this is usually […]

Feinberg Park

This WAS an official swimming area, but apparently the county shut down all swimming because they couldn’t measure the depth and have it stay accurate since water levels rise and fall. We were told though that if you take the trail down by the tennis courts you can still swim there as that has nothing […]

Cumberland Bay State Park

This park is part of the same shore as Plattsburg Town Beach, but the state park has more shady picnic areas and grass, and it is quieter. It has a huge sandy beach that is connected to the town beach with no barriers.  We like supporting state parks so that they stay funded, and it […]

Wilmington Notch Campsite

The waterfall is behind the campsite, and it is a very steep but short walk down a hill, that levels out for a couple of yards and then ends in the gorge.   You can actually sort of see the water from the head of the “trail” which is really just a root wash out. There […]