Bartlett Cove Public Beach

This is a pretty beach with a roped swimming area, and diving platform.  There is a small sand beach with picturesque views of some islands.  The grass picnic area is backed by sheer cliffs which is kind of unusual and interesting.  Dogs are allowed at certain times, and port-a-potties are available.

Warren Town Beach, Burrs Hill Park

This is a small beach with no lifeguard or buoys, just markers defining a large swimming area.  They have picnic areas and playgrounds, and outdoor showers.  We didn’t see any bathrooms, but maybe we missed them.  Dogs seem to be allowed as there were no signs prohibiting them.  There is a parking lot just across […]

Colt State Park

Online it says that there is swimming here, but we didn’t see any official area for bathing.  People were swimming near a bridge though, and the water is remarkably clear.  This is a beautiful and expansive park, with lots of water frontage, so it is a great place to picnic and spend the day.  We also saw people fishing […]

Bristol Town Beach

This area seems to be popular with day camps, and it was fairly hectic.  The beach itself wasn’t that crowded though, and there is a large roped swimming area with multiple lifeguards.  They have also have tennis courts and sports fields, concessions and a pavilion. Dogs are allowed in the park, but not on the beach […]

Third Beach

Third Beach is close to Second Beach, but the water here is more tranquil, and it seemed like a popular place to paddle board.  They have a roped swimming area, and lifeguard stands, though they weren’t staffed when we were here.  The beach is very pretty and peaceful. Port-a-potties are available, and there is camping […]

Second Beach, Sachuest Beach

 This is an enormous beach with multiple lifeguard stations and open swimming.  There is lots of room to spread out, so the beach is relaxing and uncluttered.  The beach seems to sometimes be called “Sachuest” but is more commonly referred to as “Second Beach.” Port-a-potties are available, and there is camping in the area.  There […]

Brenton Point State Park

This is a gorgeous ocean side park, with great views.  There are little pull offs and beaches all the way through the park. For the beach shown, travel with the ocean on your left, and park at the very end of the state parking area.  Continue walking on the roadside until you see little stone […]

Napatree Watch Hill Beach

This is rather fancy beach, in a very ritzy area. Parking is in town, though there is a parking lot that you can use if you’re shopping.  It is a large beach in a beautiful area, and they even have a carousel.  The downtown area has lots of restaurants and stores to explore. Just down […]

Green Hill Public Beach

This is a very small access point, with limited parking.  The public beach is between two private ones, and not very large. We are told it’s a popular spot for surfing. Parking is in a small turnaround, but there are only a few spaces.  The beach is beautiful, and it is a shame that most […]

Gooseberry Beach

This is a lovely beach with very soft light colored sand and nice views of the surrounding houses.  There are concessions and changing areas.  You can see diving platforms in our photos, but they might belong to the club next door.