Swan Lake State Park

They have a medium sized pebble/sand beach and swimming area.  There is a shaded picnic area and playground.  This is a nice place to swim and close to Belfast which has great restaurants and shopping. Dogs are allowed but not on the beach.  

Sandy Point Beach

  We thought this was a great find, as the area is very picturesque and uncrowded.  There is a large sand beach on an ocean inlet, with cold, clear water.  There are osprey nests on the ruins of a dock, and it is fun to watch the birds.  There was no fee, no lifeguard, and no […]

Sand Beach, Branch Lake

On Google if you just enter “Sandy Beach” it will direct you to a road that doesn’t have public access.  To get to the park you will want to take the road marked “Boat Launch Drive,” which is off of Happytown Road.  Take the gravel road to end and follow signs for the beach.  Parking is alongside […]

Mt. Waldo Quarry Frankfort

People have died here and there is talk of shutting down access.  If you visit this location, please don’t jump.  This is a remote area, and it would be hard for emergency responders to help you. The entrance to the trail is at the very end of Mt. Waldo Road, which is across from a park […]

Monroe Falls

The road to the falls is hard to spot, as it is just a dirt road on the right as you’re heading on Route 139 towards Monroe from Brooks.  It is called N Center Rd. on Google maps, but we didn’t notice a sign, so it is a good idea to use our coordinates.  The parking […]

Lincolnville Beach

The beach is in downtown Lincolnville, just off of Route 1, so there is easy access to restaurants and shops.  They have a medium sized sand beach with ocean swimming, and pretty views of sailboats. Parking is on the road running beside the beach, and there are port-a-potties available.  We didn’t see any signs prohibiting dogs, […]

Laite Memorial Beach Park

The park is on a steep hill leading down to the ocean, so it can be difficult to spot from the road.  Just go slowly and keep your eye out for the grass lawn and parking loop. This is a great little park, with remarkable views of the bay.  There is a playground, swimming platform, and […]

Crocketts Beach

This seems to be a town landing with no bathrooms or lifeguards, just a narrow stretch of beach.  We didn’t see anyone swimming, so use your own judgement.  The water seems clear and there are beautiful views, so it would be a nice place to relax.  There is a narrow strip of parking for a few […]

Bristol Dam

This is sort of an unusual swimming area, and it is great that they let people use it.  There is a medium sized pool, with dark reedy water and a fenced dam that flows into a small stream.  Parking is in the dirt pull off just beside the water. There is a house across the […]

Birch Point Beach State Park

This is a great beach, with beautiful blue water.   The water is fairly clear of seaweed and rocks, and the surf was gentle.  There are rocky  outcroppings to explore, and beautiful views.  There are picnic tables on the grassy rocks to one side, and there seem to be some trails. This area is likely […]