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Westcott Beach State Park

We don’t have many pictures of this location because they are very serious about prohibiting dogs from entering the day use area.  They did give us 5 minutes to take pictures, which was very nice of them. This park has a large beach with a large swimming area, and crystal clear water.  There are sports […]

Southwick Beach State Park, Lakeview WMA

This is a HUGE beach, you can’t even see the two ends from the swimming area.  There are actually two connected beaches, one is for the Southwick Beach State Park, and the other is the Lakeview Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  People swim in both, though we think it is technically only allowed in the state […]

Selkirk Shores State Park

THERE IS BIG SIGN SAYING, “BEACH CLOSED, SWIMMING PROHIBITED” that looked fairly permanent, but they list this park as having swimming online. This might be a case where they couldn’t find a lifeguard this summer, so call ahead and check, because there clearly was a large parking area and beach here and we aren’t sure […]

Sandy Island Beach State Park

This park doesn’t seem to be as popular as the nearby Southwick State Park, so it is quieter and more peaceful.  The beach area was much more expansive than we expected, and has a large swimming space with three lifeguards.  The water is turquoise and cobalt, and there is a sand beach surrounded by dunes. […]

Wellesley Island State Park

This park is on an island in between the United States and Canada, but belongs to the United States. You have to go over a HUGE bridge to get here, which is kind of fun.  There is another state park on the island, but that one doesn’t have an official swimming beach. This is one […]

Long Point State Park, Thousand Islands

**This is not the only “Long Point” state park in New York** This is an unusual state park, and there is no official beach, but everyone just swims off their tent sites-which isn’t usually allowed. Some sites look a little mucky, but for the most part it seems like a nice place for swimming. It is […]

Grass Point State Park

The park has a very small beach, and a small swimming area.  We didn’t find this location very inspiring, but it does have a pretty view of some islands, and a nice playground. http://nysparks.com/parks/139/details.aspx

Cedar Point State Park

This location has emerald water and a pretty peninsula for sitting, but the beach is small and the swimming area is medium sized.  The marina is right next to the beach, and there is very little unoccupied space on the weekend.  The campsites were very crowded, and there isn’t much parking for the day use […]

Robert Moses Thousand Island State Park, St. Lawrence State Park

This park is a little confusing, but it isn’t hard to find your way.  According to the map the swimming beach is actually located in St. Lawrence State Park, but it seems to be run by the nearby Robert Moses Thousand Island State Park.   There is also another park in New York called Robert […]

Lisbon Beach and Campground

This is a town run beach and campground on Marty Ryan Way off of Route 37.  The RV park detracts from the area a little bit, but it is separate and a little ways back from the beach.   Overall the beach area is very nice, and has great views.  The swimming area is medium […]