Napatree Watch Hill Beach

This is rather fancy beach, in a very ritzy area. Parking is in town, though there is a parking lot that you can use if you’re shopping.  It is a large beach in a beautiful area, and they even have a carousel.  The downtown area has lots of restaurants and stores to explore. Just down […]

Green Hill Public Beach

This is a very small access point, with limited parking.  The public beach is between two private ones, and not very large. We are told it’s a popular spot for surfing. Parking is in a small turnaround, but there are only a few spaces.  The beach is beautiful, and it is a shame that most […]

Gooseberry Beach

This is a lovely beach with very soft light colored sand and nice views of the surrounding houses.  There are concessions and changing areas.  You can see diving platforms in our photos, but they might belong to the club next door.

Fort Wetherill State Park

This is a great park, with lots of areas to explore.  There is a deserted and overgrown fort, and at least three ocean beaches.  Our gps is for the beach area by the fort, where there is a somewhat steep path down to the water.  There are two beaches across the cove by a boat ramp, and […]

Charlestown Breachway

This beach is stunning.  There are wild rose bushes along the shore, and turquoise blue water.  There is a river canal running to the ocean which is fun to watch, and the beach is huge.  There isn’t that much parking at the state park, but there is a town beach with parking that you’ll see […]

Bellevue Ave, Bailey’s Beach

There is no parking at all for this beach, so you either have to walk or bike here.  This beach is part of the Cliff Walk trail that goes through 64 different private properties in Newport.  It is a pretty beach, but hard to access.   Dogs are allowed on the trail, but not on […]

Scarborough Beach State Park

This is a beautiful park with a huge beach and open swimming.  The facilities are picturesque and well maintained.  There are actually two beaches right next to each other, with separate parking areas. One of the nicest parks we’ve seen, but we were here during the week, and judging by the amount of parking it is […]

Salty Brine State Beach

The beach is very small, and our pictures show the entirety of it.  They don’t allow dogs at all, but they let us quickly run in to take a few pictures.  The water looks nice though, and it is close to restaurants.  This beach is very close to the much larger Roger Wheeler State Beach, which […]

Ninigret Park

This is a large park, with a lot of interesting features.  They have a fenced in dog park, space observatory, swimming, fishing, playing fields, a nature center, and a wildlife preserve with trails.  Apparently this used to be an airport which was given to the parks department, and they are letting some parts of it get […]

Narragansett Town Beach

The parking lot was full, so we shot this location from afar.  We were here at 11am on a Monday and you can see how crowded it is already. This is a very popular beach, and they have large parking lots and a lot of in town parking, but it is pretty hectic.  It seems […]