Green Lakes State Park

This state park may be one of the most interesting swimming places in New York.  The turquoise waters cover a freshwater reef, which is exceedingly rare.  Parts of the reef are visible from the shore, and it is fascinating to observe.  Wikipedia lists it as “perhaps the most studied meromictic lake – one in which […]

Verona Beach State Park

This park has a large swimming area, though it seemed to be quite shallow for quite a ways out.  There is a campground and all facilities, and there are also concessions available.

Taft Bay Park, David C. Webb Memorial Park

This is a small town beach with a playground, and it would be nice for small children.  There is a volleyball net and picnic area, and lots of open space.

Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach is next to an amusement park, and has a very “Coney Island” or “Jersey Shore” feel.  There is a large sand beach with a medium sized swim area, but they didn’t seem to care that people were swimming outside the ropes.  It is a strange beach in that there were lots of boats […]

Oneida Shores County Park

This was one of the best town parks that we visited, and their playground was definitely the best.  It has outdoor instruments, a rope climbing set, saucer swings, bouncy pavement-it is awesome. There is a large sand beach and large swimming area-there is even a separate dog beach.  All facilities were clean and well maintained; […]

Trenton Town Park

This is a large town park with tennis, sports fields, and multiple pavilions.  The park is free, but there is a swim fee for non-residents.  The swimming area is large, though the water looks a little muddy.  Very nice park though.

Hinkley Reservoir Day Use Area

This day use area is surprisingly large considering how hard it was to find the actual location online.  This probably explains why it has a huge parking lot, but wasn’t crowded on even a Saturday, unlike some of the other public parks.  The park is actually on Stormy King Road, not on Route 365 as […]

Delta Lake State Park

This location is very popular on weekends, and there is a large swimming area with multiple lifeguards.  They have a wide sand beach and all facilities. Interestingly, this is a man-made lake which submerged the village of Delta when it was created in the early 1900s.  Most of the buildings were removed before the flooding, […]

Shingle Mill Falls

  There are three falls, each with their own small but fairly deep pool at the bottom, but the top fall has the largest of the pools. The two lower pools give you a chance to sit under the falls themselves. After the falls the river takes a turn right, where it slows down and opens […]

Pixley Falls State Park

This is a “See” location; though kids were splashing in the falls, it is too shallow to actually swim. This is a beautiful fall, and the park has multiple picnic areas, which we believe used to be campsites. This is a very small park and you can hear the falls when you enter, so it […]