Location Tag: Lifeguard

Inlet Beach, Arrowhead Park

Scenic town park with a dock and sports facilities.  Very nice playground and pirate ship for kids to play on. http://www.adirondackexperience.com/recreation/inlet-public-beach

Golden Beach Campground

This is a pretty park, and the beach does in fact appear “golden.”  The swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we couldn’t really evaluate it. http://newyorkstateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/golden-beach-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NY&parkId=642

Clute Park Campground

This is a small town beach and RV park.  The water was clear, but the park was closed and the swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we can’t really evaluate it. http://www.watkinsglen.us/clute-park-campground

Buttermilk Falls State Park

This is a fantastic swimming area at the base of a waterfall.  There are dozens of waterfalls on the trails above the swimming area, and this is one of the most beautiful state parks that we encountered. The swimming area is by the parking lot, but the waterfall trail will take you at least an […]

Rye Town Park

This beach was a huge surprise for us, and we were not expecting it to be so beautiful.  It is next door to Rye Playland, which is a theme park, but seems to be nicer than most.  It is sort of like a small version of Disney World, and they also have swimming available there. […]

Harbor Island Park

There are two fees for this area-one to park and one to use the beach. The beach seems to be more of a wading area near the marina, though there is a playground and splash ground, so it is great for kids.  They have swans here as well, which we haven’t seen anywhere else.  They […]

Harriman State Park, Lake Welch

There is a massive sand beach with a large swimming area.  The water looked clear, and there are beautiful views. There are multiple picnic areas and grills.  This beach does get crowded on weekends. There are no dogs allowed anywhere on the beaches the Harriman State park. http://parks.ny.gov/parks/134/details.aspx  

Nathaniel Cole Park

This is an exceptional county park, with a huge swim area and multiple lifeguards.  The facilities are designed well, and the whole park is appealing and well maintained.  There are boat rentals available, and a huge lawn to picnic on.  We don’t know if dogs are allowed in this park. http://www.gobroomecounty.com/parks/natcole

Lake Superior State Park

This is a very popular park-we photographed on a Wednesday at 2pm and you can see how crowded it is.  There is a small swim area that looked pretty shallow.  There is a playground, and boat rentals are available. http://parks.ny.gov/parks/87/details.aspx

Oquaga Creek State Park

This park has a large sand beach, and medium to large swim area.  Lovely green hills surround the park, and the water is a vibrant blue.  There are nice facilities, and concessions are available as well. http://nysparks.com/parks/27/details.aspx