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Robert H. Treman State Park/Lucifer Falls

This is a stunning park, with two main attractions.  The first is the swimming area, which is at the base of a large waterfall.  The other is Lucifer falls, a 115 ft. waterfall that falls into a ravine. Our map shows where the official swimming area is, from the pin (the parking lot) it’s just […]

Taughannock Falls State Park

This park is stunning. It contains two very tall (200ft) falls, Taughannock Falls and Upper Falls, a smaller Lower Falls and a swimming beach on Cayuga Lake. The pin on the map is set to the parking area and trail head, while the GPS coordinates are to Taughannock Falls. The trail from the parking area […]

Golden Beach Campground

This is a pretty park, and the beach does in fact appear “golden.”  The swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we couldn’t really evaluate it. http://newyorkstateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/golden-beach-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NY&parkId=642

Eighth Lake Beach Campground

This is listed as having a swimming area, but it wasn’t set up during our visit and we couldn’t really evaluate it, or know if we were in the right spot. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/24465.html  

Clute Park Campground

This is a small town beach and RV park.  The water was clear, but the park was closed and the swimming area wasn’t set up during our visit, so we can’t really evaluate it. http://www.watkinsglen.us/clute-park-campground

Buttermilk Falls State Park

This is a fantastic swimming area at the base of a waterfall.  There are dozens of waterfalls on the trails above the swimming area, and this is one of the most beautiful state parks that we encountered. The swimming area is by the parking lot, but the waterfall trail will take you at least an […]

Harriman State Park, Pine Meadow Lake

This is one of my favorite lakes in New York. It has crystal clear blue water, and large rocks that are perfect for lounging. I heard somewhere that this lake is fed by a spring, and that is why it’s so clear. It’s fairly remote, so even though spectacular, there weren’t too many people there. The clear […]

Harriman State Park, Lake Wanoksink

UDATE-  We’ve been told that swimming in the lake isn’t allowed, so this is now a “See” location to enjoy a hike.  We also recommend picking up or printing out a trail map before you begin your hike. This lake has crystal clear blue water, and is surrounded by forests and hills. It is fairly […]

Harriman State Park, Island Pond

  UPDATE 7/8/18- We have been told that swimming is no longer allowed here, and that rangers will come and forbid it.  So this area can now be considered a “See” location for viewing enjoyment.  This is the message we received: Hi! Thanks for the great info you have shared! I don’t know if you […]

Oquaga Creek State Park

This park has a large sand beach, and medium to large swim area.  Lovely green hills surround the park, and the water is a vibrant blue.  There are nice facilities, and concessions are available as well. http://nysparks.com/parks/27/details.aspx