Lewey Lake Campground

Lewey Lake Campground

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We actually messed up in documenting this location for you guys, because it was so nice when we arrived that we decided to take the day and enjoy it.  The next day, of course, it was raining, so our pictures really don’t do it justice.

This was a great little campsite beach, and it is beautiful when it is sunny.   The water is tannic in color, but clear and fairly warm.  There are canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks for rent.  There is a vast amount of parkland in this area, and lots to explore.  The campsites were also particularly nice, and the campgrounds spread out over a wide area.


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  • 0 min.
  • +43 38.844, -74 23.345
  • Easy
  • (518) 648-5266

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