Esopus Creek, Sleepy Hollow Campground

Esopus Creek, Sleepy Hollow Campground

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This is sort of an unusual entry as it is a private campground.  The reason we’ve included it is that it is along the bank of the Esopus, has a small swimming area, and is close to tubing rentals like Town Tinker Tube Rentals.

The swimming area is near the bridge at the entrance of the campground.  This area can be accessed from Mt Tremper/Phoenica road as well. Just find a place to pull off and park and walk along the stream or road until you come to the deeper area near the bridge.  We didn’t see anyone swimming while we were there, but were told that people do.

We stayed at this campsite, and found it enjoyable, clean, and friendly.  We have stayed at other campsites in this area which leave their dumpsters open to attract bears, which is obviously unsafe for the campers and the bears. So we would recommend this one if you are staying overnight.

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  • +42 04.124, -74 18.294
  • Easy
  • 845)-688-5471

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