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Woodlawn Beach State Park

We don’t know why this area isn’t shaded green on Google maps, but it is a huge state park beach, and one of our favorites.  There is an updated pavilion where they hold events, and a tiki beach bar and restaurant in the main building.  There are also cute concession stands on the beach itself, […]

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is called the “The Grand Canyon of the East” and was voted the best state park in America by USA Today readers http://www.stargazette.com/story/news/local/2015/04/01/top-state-parks-usa/70781988/ The park has multiple waterfalls,  lots of cabins to rent, camping, a restaurant, and gift shops.  There is a lot to do here, and the falls are stunning. We started […]

Evangola State Park

There is a small to medium swim area, and a huge sand beach.  This is a beautiful area, with turquoise water and stone cliffs, and there also appears to be some kind of ruin.  There is a large picnic area, and the facilities are updated and well maintained. http://nysparks.com/parks/91/details.aspx

Onanda Park

This park used to be a YMCA school and summer camp, and has lovely buildings and cute cabins for rent. There is a small sand beach, with a small to medium swim area, and clear water.  There are tennis courts, fishing, and extensive hiking trails available.  There are also some waterfalls on the hiking trails, […]

Kershaw Park

This is a fancier town park than most, with updated and well maintained facilities.  There is a large swim area and a medium sized beach.  The beach is fenced off from the rest of the park, and you have to pay a fee to swim.  Dogs are allowed in park, but not the swimming area. […]

Whirlpool State Park

This is a “See” location, and the park is on a ridge high above a massive whirlpool, which is downstream of Niagara Falls.  This is a really neat location, though it gets overlooked as most people just visit Niagara.  There are companies that run boat rides up to the whirlpool as well, or you can […]

Wilson Tuscarora State Park

There is a long but narrow beach with a mix of sand and stone, blue water, and a small swimming area.  There is a pavilion, and a large grass lawn you could picnic on.  Away from the lifeguard area there is more coast line that is still part of the park, and people were wading […]

Hamlin Beach State Park

This is a huge park, with multiple sand beaches spread throughout.  Our pictures are from Area 3, which had two beaches just in that section.  There are designated lifeguard areas, though it sort of seems like you can kind of swim anywhere. There was a sewage smell when we were here, but we are not […]

Four Mile Creek State Park

We didn’t know if we should add this one, as swimming is not allowed.  We decided to include it because it is pretty, and people were letting their dogs swim.

Fair Haven Beach State Park

This park has a very large sand beach, and multiple swim areas.  They also have a unique set up with diving boards along a canal.  On sunny days the water appears to be turquoise, though we were here during a storm.  It is a lovely park, and likely a good place for swimmers. http://www.nysparks.com/parks/12/details.aspx