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This area is public access but the park sign has been removed. You can still see the remnants of the standard park sign- the brown painted wood with a T and a long arm-but the sign is gone. If you are coming from Junction Road the dirt road will be on your left, and if you hit Carpenter Rd. (private), you’ve gone too far.

The road leads to a small dirt parking lot, and from here it is a short flat walk to the water.  You can actually see the water from the beginning of the path.  There is long sand beach and clear water.  No facilities, no lifeguard, just a nice place to swim.  We aren’t sure what kind of use this area is intended for, but you can tell that the trails are still maintained even if the sign is gone.  Locals were playing some kind of drinking/frisbee game in the water, so it might be kind of a party spot.

If you’re having trouble finding this location, go to Charlie’s Inn and Junction Campground and ask there

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