Kaaterskill Falls

Our GPS reading is from the parking lot, which is large and has some information placards about the area.  The GPS for the base of the falls is +42 11.471, -74 04.248.

This is a very popular spot and you will have trouble parking on nice days, and definitely on weekends.  From the parking area you have to walk downhill along Route 23A, but there are usually other hikers to follow.  Walking along this road is slightly off putting because it is narrow and curvy, and cars come close.  Walk behind the guardrail when possible.  You’ll see a waterfall (Bastian Falls)  that abuts the road, and this is where the trails up to the falls are.

Follow the yellow trail, which leads you up what is basically a rough stone staircase with some flat sections.  Since you are climbing up rock and root steps it is tiring, and a moderate hike for healthy people.  This is the tallest fall in New York and definitely a tourist attraction, but worth visiting.  Multiple sources indicate the people swim here, but we didn’t observe any.

You can visit the top of the falls, if you are very careful of the ledge.  To get to the top, drive to the end of Laurel House Rd. and take the trail from there.  You cannot access the base of the falls from the top, so it is just for the view.  People have died at this location, so use extreme caution


Location Details

  • 20 min
  • +42 11.395, -74 04.476
  • Moderate/Difficult

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