Jamerstown Falls


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There are reports of swimming at this location, but we didn’t see anyone there.  It is a beautiful and peaceful area though, so it is worth visiting.

From NY-3 go up Ny-56 N. for 2.5 miles, and you will see a small dirt road on the right, immediately after some cable wire guardrails. The road is very hard to spot, so go slow, and look out for a small sign marking it as DEC LAND.  There is a little stream that runs beside the road that you can see on Google maps if you’re having trouble locating the area.

It is a rough dirt road going down, but we took the Westy to the end, and it is only about a half mile long.  It ends in a small parking area beside a little sand beach.  The water here is sort of reedy, and the sand looked fairly muddy.  This is a gorgeous area though.  It’s very secluded and that’s part of the draw; you really feel alone here.  You can see the falls from the beach, though we didn’t see an obvious trail to them, there were some very small paths around.  You could probably camp down here, though we don’t know what regulations are in place.  There is a beaver dam in the area, so please keep dogs on leash so they don’t and disturb them.


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