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Coming from the south on River Road-2.8 miles from where the pavement ends the road will split, and you want to stay to the left.  You’ll come to a large-ish parking lot (maybe holds 15 cars), stay to the left again and park in lot 6. There is a sign for lot 6 but it is small and set back from the road. There is a trail from the back of the lot that is marked as a foot trail, but is actually quite wide.  This leads uphill for about a 10-15 minute hike to the Bear Slide.  The hill is fairly steep, and you might be temped to try to creek walk your way up instead.  We did- and it was super annoying.  There were lots of downed trees and mud, and probably added 20 minutes onto our hike time.  There are lots of pretty little falls and pools to see along the way though.

As the name implies, this is a long natural waterslide.  The fall slopes smoothly down into a small shallow pool.  We’ve seen a video of people sliding down it with plastic trays and you probably do need something slick to sit on to actually slide down.  We tried it in bathing suits, and it didn’t really work, but it is still fun to just sit in the fall

This area is part of the Lake George Wild Forest.  There is camping available, but we didn’t see any check-in booth, so it might be rough camping.

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  • +43 24.056, -73 52.813
  • Easy-Moderate

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