Bastion Falls


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Our GPS reading is from the parking lot, which is large and has some information placards about the area.  The GPS for the base of the falls is +42 11.486, -74 04.226.

This is a very popular spot and you will have trouble parking on nice days and definitely on weekends.  From the parking area you have to walk downhill along Route 23A,  but there are usually other hikers to follow.  Walking along this road is slightly off putting because it is narrow and curvy, and cars come close.  Walk behind the guardrail when possible. The waterfall will be visible to your left as you cross the river on the road, after crossing over the river there will be a path on your left that leads right to it.

There is a small pool here where you could sit in and let the water run over you. Most people will be continuing on the trail to reach Kaaterskill Falls, New York’s tallest waterfall.

Location Details

  • 5 min
  • +42 11.395, -74 04.476
  • Easy

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