Akron Falls


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Swimming is not allowed here, though you might see people doing it anyway.  This is a public park though, so you are allowed to visit the falls.

In the southeast corner of the parking lot there is a trail, and you follow it down until it splits into two.  If you take the right trail it leads to an observation area with a steep hike to the falls; if you take the left you can follow the path down to the river, and there will be a groomed footpath that follows upstream to the falls. The right path is like a 3 min hike, the left is 7 or 8 mins and an easy hike.

The fall is about 15-20 ft. high, and flows into a large deep pool. The water is a cloudy green, and a little murky.  We followed someone who had just gathered a whole bag of trash, so presumably there is often trash here.   The fall is gorgeous, and flows from a bowl-shaped rock with overhanging greenery. We did observe people swimming here, but there is a sign saying that there are dangerous currents.



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  • 8 min.
  • +43 00.910, -78 29.088
  • Easy
  • (716) 542-2330

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