Location Tag: Lifeguard

Seneca Lake State Park

This is a huge park, with a fun splash playground for kids, lots of picnic areas, and waterfront walking trails.  Unfortunately there was a very unpleasant odor while we were here, and we aren’t sure how common that it.  The park still had a lot of visitors though, and seems to be popular for birthday […]

Sampson State Park

There aren’t many signs for the beach, but if you take a right after passing the museum on your left, then follow signs for “swimming” you’ll find it.  The swimming area is beside the playground, and shares a parking lot with the marina. This is a huge park that used to be a military training […]

Keuka Lake State Park

This park has a small swimming area and small sand beach.  It has very nice facilities, and a fancy playground. http://nysparks.com/parks/67/details.aspx

Champlin Beach Park, Hammondsport

This is a town park in Hammondsport, right next to the fire department.  There is a plane sculpture in the water honoring Glenn Hammond Curtiss, who was an aviator born in Hammondsport. There is a medium sized swim area with a grass beach, and there are kayak rentals available from keukawatersports.com next to the nearby […]

Cayuga Lake State Park

This is an unusual park in that it is divided by a main road, so the swimming beach is where we have our pin, but there are multiple access points to this park. There is a day use fee at the parking area near the beach. The park has a small swim area and medium […]

Myers Point Park, Lansing

This is a large town park with a small swimming area and a small sand beach.  There are two playgrounds, pretty views, and a tiny light house on little peninsula that you can walk out on. There is a small amount of camping, but do call ahead as this area is sort of a dead […]

Long Point State Park, Aurora

This park has a small swimming area with a grass beach.  There is a diving float, and pretty turquoise blue water.  There is very little public access to this lake and it is nice to be able to enjoy it.  The park is on the smaller side, and there is no camping, but it would […]

Fillmore Glen State Park

There is a waterfall trail with multiple falls, and they also have a dammed swimming area, with a fall above that feeds into the pool.  When we were here there had been a week of rain, and the swimming area was closed so they could test for run-off from the local farms.  Since this is […]

Emerson Park

This park is massive, particularly for a town park.  There is a boat canal, pavilion, multiple sports and picnic areas, playground and merry-go-round, and some kind of Play House. The beach was closed due to storms stirring up bacteria in the water, so we couldn’t really assess it, but it looks nice.  Overall this is […]

Clift Park Skaenetales

This is a fancy town park, right in the middle of downtown Skaenetales.  The park is directly across from The Sherwood Inn, and there is metered street parking alongside. The swimming area is small to medium sized, but the water is a stunning Caribbean blue, and remarkably clear.  There is a gazebo, and a lovely […]