We are a husband and wife team who work on this site in our free time to document our personal travels, and to share them with people who like outdoor swimming.  We get all of our locations from other websites and travel guides, so if you have updated information please let us know.  

We do ask that you be respectful of the environment and the local community whenever and wherever you travel.  The number one complaint we get is that people are leaving trash at natural areas and ruining them for everyone.  We would like to request of all of our readers that you bring an extra trash bag and help clean up litter and preserve these areas for everyone to enjoy, so that a few bad people don’t spoil it for everyone else.  

We would also like to request that you message us in a respectful way, as we really try to be understanding of any issues that you might have, and are happy to work with you to update our listings.  We don’t allow threats of violence on our pages though, and will report people if we need to.

We aren’t professional guides, and we have no affiliation with any of the parks or locations listed on this site, so please do not contact us for bookings or reservations.  If we have contact information for a park then we have included it, and you should always contact a location before your visit to ensure that the information is up to date.

We have had a lot of trouble with messages being blocked or sent to Spam, and we truly apologize if you have written to us and haven’t received a reply.  We are now going to try out using Facebook as our contact point.  

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